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Presentation of Economics and Management


Presentation of the Master's Degree Program

The Two-Year Master Degree in Economics and Management prepares you for high-profile positions in private and public companies offering a deep understanding on the way firms and markets operate, as well as a mix of analytical, quantitative and interdisciplinary skills, and permitting to develop lifelong skills as a talented and innovative manager and economist.

The programme combining an exceptional level of analytical training in economics with the more applied scope of a management degree. The programme aims to develop students intellectual understanding of business strategy management, empirical methods, and markets in the international contexts in which they operate. It aims also to develop critically thinking on the social, ethical and environmental aspects of business operations.

This well-balanced and interdisciplinary training as an economist and manager will enable students to graduate with the ability to

  • uses the economic framework as a background when analysing and solving business-economic problems,
  • go through the different stages of research to analyse business problems, to formulate and evaluate solutions and to communicate about this,
  • tackle complex decisions,
  • gives well-founded advice in response to questions, paying specific critical attention to the broad framework of business, the environmental factors and the relevant stakeholders,
  • deal with unknown changes in today’s rapidly changing world.

The Two-Year Master Degree in Economics and Management is designed around a set of compulsory core courses (first year courses) and a set of elective courses (second year courses). Therefore, students will be able to develop the above skills and customise the programme according to their own interests and career goals.

First year courses are taught in Italian. Elective courses are taught in Italian or English. You can customise the curriculum according to your own interests. The program has 2 tracks: 

  1. "Innovation Strategies in Global Trends" focusing on process innovation, internationalization, and the reconfiguration of the firm’s activities at a global level
  2. "Corporate Finance or Human Resources" focusing on the instruments available to firms for financing their activities and on the recruitment process



Start date: September 

Duration: 2 years

Admission requirements:

  1. Undergraduate degree final grade equal to or above (80% of the highest possible grade (89/110 for an Italian degree)
  2. A minimum number of undergraduate credits in Economics, Managements, Statistics and Law 

You can find more info on the devoted web page.

Language requirements: good command of the Italian and English languages (e.g. level B2 of Common European Standards)

How to apply:

Focus on application - Buddy′s introduction to international students′ procedure

Program structure and courses:


Useful information for international students

If you have any admission queries which are not answered on the website, please contact Prof. Paolo Giaccaria.


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